Ionic 6 TypeScript Path Alias Configuration

I am trying to connect Ionic Vue up to an existing MonoRepo with some vue projects and many raw TypeScript projects that include our business code/services etc.

I would like to configure Ionic Vue to use our TypeScript path aliases e.g.


"paths": {
      "@/*": [
      "@core/*": ["../projects/core/src/*"],

I have done this but get the error:

Module not found: Error: Can't resolve '@core/error/CustomError' in 'D:\dev\repo\myApp\src\views'

To get this to work with vite and webpack in web projects we usually have to define our aliases in their configs e.g.


resolve: {
      extensions: ['.tsx', '.ts', '.js', '.json', '.mjs'],
      alias: {
        '@core': path.resolve(__dirname, '../core/src'),

how do I gain access to the build config and subsequently modify it for a vue Ionic project?

for those looking for answers (which is a little tricky round here might I add). I managed to get this working by telling babel how to interpret my aliases. I had to install babel module resolver plugin to get this to work.

module.exports = {
  presets: ['@vue/cli-plugin-babel/preset'],
  plugins: [
        alias: {
          '@core': '../projects/core/src',