Ionic 6 android 7 support

I am having issue in installing ionic capacitor app apk in a sunmi device running android version 7. Is the ionic latest version compatible with sunmi device android version 7? Is there any configuration required to run the latest ionic capacitor app in this device? You can see the attached screenshot.

I’m having the same problem. Did you ever get this figured out?

I had the same problem. I’ve completly removed Android 7 Devices from AVD manager, downloaded Nougat X86_64 image, created a device with it and my app is working again under Android 7!

I’m also having the same issue.

The problem is the optional chaining syntax (?.) in that ends up in the build of vendor.js.

Here’s an example:

  historyGo(relativePosition = 0) {

My emulator webview Chromium version is 74, which does not support optional chaining. Support was added at version 80.

It’s strange though because the Ionic/Capacitor docs say that Chromium version 60+ is supported.

So, does anyone know if I’ve got something set up wrong? Or is this a bug? And/or is there a way to get webpack to transpile optional chaining into more vanilla JS?


My problem was solved in this thread:

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