Ionic 5 white pages in IOS production but not in local Development

Hi, I have recently made the transition for my application from Ionic 3 to Ionic 5. In the process, I have been able to make a successful transition but there is still a major bug with the IOS application when it is released to the application store. for some reason, there are a few pages in my login screen that when I navigate back to the login screen from I am always showed a blank screen. I’m not sure why this is happening but I suspect it has something to do with the way I have routed the pages. from the login page I am routing to the external pages like so:

terms() {

  privacy() {

  navigateForgotPasswd() {
    const navigationExtras: NavigationExtras = { queryParams: { user: this.user } };
    this.navCtrl.navigateForward(['/forgot-password'], navigationExtras);

and in these external pages there is a cancel button to go back to the login back that is implemented as so:


whenever I am debugging on my local emulator of IOS I am never receiving these blank pages. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Is the content for those pages local or being fetched from a remote end point?

it is local pages within the application itself.

I found this post which is a similar issue I am facing but there was no good resolutions to it:

@ChrisGriiffith do you think this may apply to me as well?