Ionic 5 Vue 2 Tabs White Screens in router Hash mode

Having a weird issue.
I have some tabs on my app in Ionic Vue - this is previous version of Ionic Vue (2) - NOT the new Beta version with Vue 3.
My tabs work fine when I have router in History mode - however as soon as I put them into Hash mode the second and third tabs are completely white if I click on them. I can see that the UI elements are there because I can hover over them and my cursor changes if it goes over where button should be for example - its just that nothing is appearing. This happens right after I log in.

Example Code:
Tab 3 in tabroot.vue:

<ion-tab tab="profile" :routes="['profile', 'change-email', 'edit-user-details']" id="profile">
       <ion-vue-router name="profileRoute"></ion-vue-router>
<ion-tab-button v-if="auth" tab="profile" :to="{name:'profile'}">
       <ion-icon :src="i.person"></ion-icon>

In my router index.js:

        path: 'profile',
        components: {
          profileRoute: () => import('@/views/Profile.vue')
        name: 'profile'

which is inside the children array of ‘/tabs’.

As mentioned if I set it to this with mode: history everything works perfectly:

const router = new IonicVueRouter({
  mode: 'history',
  base: process.env.BASE_URL,

but if I set it to this (in other words include # in URLs), it does not - I get that white screen issue:

const router = new IonicVueRouter({
  base: process.env.BASE_URL,

I need the hash as its just a lot simpler to deploy to github pages as a web app using the # in the URLs.

I based my code off of @aaronksaunders :

As far as I can see my code is identical except for the mode being hash instead of history…

Any ideas!!? Is it just a bug with the old version - Should I just bite the bullet and move to new Vue 3 version?

migrate… you will be much happier because you are going to continue to run into issues

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