Can't get 0.0.9's ion-vue-router to work with tabs

I’m building an app with Ionic 4 + Vue 0.0.9, and I’ve been looking at the conference app to see how things work, as the Ionic docs aren’t always clear. In the app they use ion-vue-router to display the contents of the various tabs, but when I try it, I get nothing.

In order to get tabs working, I have to replace <ion-vue-router> with my component (e.g. <Home />), then my tabs work as intended.

I have an <ion-vue-router> in App.vue which renders everything, and that works fine, but it’s just trying to use <ion-vue-router> in sub-views that is causing me grief.

Has anyone had any success in using the router?

I have updated and tested my example code, let me know if it works for you

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