Ionic 5 - mobile address bar hiding

With Ionic 5, is there now a way to hide a mobile web address bar?
Either automatically when scrolling or forced?

Are you displaying the whole site in your app? if yes then you should not do it. You can create a PWA app for your website instead.

It is a PWA and I know I can make it fullscreen but I am not looking to do that.

I asked about this when Ionic 4 came out and there was no success.
This may be cross-posting but thought I would try it again with the recent release of 5.
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So start making PWA app and when you face any error then let me know and I will definitely help you.

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It is not an error.
Do you know of a way to make the address bar disappear in a PWA - without making it go into fullscreen?

Please share a screenshot of what address bar you are talking so that I can help you.

On your mobile, open a browser, go to youtube and swipe up and the url address bar scrolls up and away.
To my knowledge this can’t be done with Ionic prior to 5.
I have no reason to believe it can now - but I am here asking.

Changing the viewport meta tag can make the address bar disappear on scroll but it messes with the size and positioning of the components.
<meta name="viewport" content="minimal-ui">

Today I spent a couple hours and can confirm that this is a long running issue and ionic doesn’t seem to be interested on solving it for me it could be a deal breaker for ionic

May its time to start looking at react…? today I had a hard time explaining to a client why something that is present in almost ANY site is not available on his, and the “install the pwa” wasn’t enough a good argument.

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