Ionic 4 With Silent Notifications Not Work


I have an issue with ionic 4 the silent notification not working when phone screen is locked, its work fine while i am using the device but once being on idel status “Lock Screen Mode” the silent notifications from FCM never works or received to device.

Also i have an issue with IOS 13.2 the notification all Normal and silent not works at all, i tried to create new certificate and connect it with FCM development certificates but never works and notification never received to device, any way when i register topic or device to FCM, the subscription and registration works fine but once i send any notification even from FCM console, the notification never received .

Can you please share your payload you are sending from server?

var options = new NotificationCreateOptions();
options.AppId = Guid.Parse(Variables.Client_AppId);

            var filters = new List<INotificationFilter>();
            filters.Add(new NotificationFilterField()
                Field = NotificationFilterFieldTypeEnum.Tag,
                Key = topic,
                Relation = "exists",

            options.Filters = filters;
            options.DeliverToAndroid = true;
            options.DeliverToIos = true;
            options.ContentAvailable = true;
            options.Contents = new Dictionary<string, string>();
            options.Contents.Add(LanguageCodes.English, notfiTxt);
            options.Subtitle = new Dictionary<string, string>();
            options.Subtitle.Add(LanguageCodes.English, notfiTxt);
             options.Data = new Dictionary<string, string>();

            options.Data.Add("IsSilent", "0");