Ionic 4 Route Reuse strategy

Recently I have started moving my old Ionic v1 app to Ionic 4, using Angular 6 and else, and I just encountered an error.

I don’t know if it’s intended or not, nor why it would be intended but, I’m trying to make a custom Reuse strategy and as I was in the progress of making it, I realised that for some reason the ion-router-outlet doesn’t allow disattaching nor reattaching components, as seen here.

I would really like to store/clear the routes as for what I’m currently trying to achieve on my app.
Is there any way of getting rid of this restriction?


Can anyone help me with this…?

got the same issue, end up with this issue on github : , but the beta 12 has fix nothing, even on the beta 19 you cant call attach and detach method, i dont know why

Same here, glancing on “ERROR Error: Uncaught (in promise): Error: incompatible reuse strategy” every time shouldDetach returns true, to subsequently call the store method (which is surely never called).

Please anyone, elaborate the workaround routine


Still not fixed. Sad…