Ionic 4 project has no routing?

I’m near pulling my hair out in frustration at this, and none of the documentation I can find has been helpful, so I’m asking anyone here for any help at all.

I created a new application in the Ionic 4 beta, using “ionic start [App-Name] blank”. Trying to use the Angular framework via “–type=angular” caused a ton of problems where the SQLite and File plugins I needed didn’t have the necessary “/ngx” folder, so they wouldn’t register as Providers and the app would just hang on a white screen.

But when I don’t use “–type=angular,” I can’t figure out routing capabilities. My app has no “app-routing.module.ts” file, or the folder for “node_modules/@angular/router” - there’s just nothing there.

All of the documentation I can find online assume that this file exists, but I don’t have one. So where do I start and how do I fix this?

Are you certain that you had the v5 beta versions of those ionic-native packages as described here?

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if you don’t use “type=angular” then you don’t get the router, you use the v3 nav controller.



I thought this might be the case, but didn’t see that anywhere in the documentation - it all assumes that you’re just working with an Angular project, and have Angular routing as a result. Blurg.

Now I certainly am. Thank you for the link and the prompt reply, you’ve saved me many days of headaches. I’m sure I’ll learn all of this eventually, but I wish their documentation could be as concise as you are.