Ionic 4 Route Guard issue on browser back Button

I am developing a new app on Ionic 5 which i intend to make it to a hybrid app. And i’m fairly new to Ionic but have been working in Angular for quite some time.

So the problem i am having is when i login and it goes to a dashboard then logout and when i click on the browser back button it still loads the dashboard. I checked in dev tool and apparently it still hold the previous component in the DOM. Unlike in angular which destroys the Previous DOM. I consoled the route Guard and it seems that it does not hit the route guard when i do the browser back button
So this i causing a weird problem.

I hope i am clear about my problem.

Thanks in advance

Hi @abizit,
Can I see the guard code? You are probably using a service to get/set user data on login and logout, so if I’m right, please can you show me also that service code?

Hi @abizit, did you solve this? If so, could you share your approach?