Ionic 4 role based authentication fiebase


I am new with ionic, can you please help in providing ionic roles based authentication tutorial or link so i can learn.

Thank you

Ionic is primarily a mobile-focused UI toolkit, so anything involving backend stuff like you are talking about would be the realm of whatever framework you are planning on using. So if that’s Angular, go ahead and look for Angular stuff. If it’s React, look for React stuff. Whatever you find should be easily integrated into an Ionic project.

This channel is my favorite for Firebase:

thank you so much, as i am using angular. so i guess, i will learn angular for authorization. I am a bit confused as ionic file is not the same as angular file in youtube tutorial.

Thank you, been checking the tutorial before posted here. as i am still learning angular and the file and folder for ionic is different compared to the tutorial that only used angular and not ionic. guess someone gonna spend his day learning basic angular. thank you!

Ionic use Angular as traditionally. Newly React and Vue support added but most of resources that you will find are for Angular. So you should learn Angular at least to understand.

I advice Simon Grimm also. His tutorial about this topic:

Thank you for this video.