Ionic 4 + React + Cordova Plugin + Cross Platform

Hi, I’m developing existing project with Ionic 1 with Cloudant.
Would like to change to Ionic 4 with AWS appsync now.

My project requirement:

  1. Offline + Live sync
  2. High read / write access (the loading should as high as 100 group chat with 20 users in each group)
  3. Would like to support for iOS, Android, PWA, Electron.

The reason why I’m thinking to use react is because the appsync mobile sdk for web only provided react documentation and tutorial.
I had tried several days to work appsync mobile sdk with Ionic + Angular but failed.

Thinking to use Ionic 4 + React, will it be a wise choice?
Thanks for any comment / suggestion.

I would like to say you should consider when choose Ionic + react cause you must spent a lot of time for explore and create new stuffs that make sure the feature and plugin will work with Typescript + React.
Cordova plugin wont support for type = react anymore, we will focus on Capacitor apis core. If you find anything news you can ping me then we can discuss on it together.

Thank you.

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