Ionic 4 navigation not working as expected

Navigation between modules is not working. I’ve created an app base on the ionic starter tabs.

I modified Tab 3 from a simple page to a lazy loaded module that again contains two more lazy loaded modules, following a typical master/details pattern:

When I navigate to Tab 3 it shows the master page and lets me smoothly navigate to the containing details module. This navigation is working fine as expected.

In addition, I added a button in Tab 2 that navigates on click directly to the details module in Tab 3 by using Angular routerLink directive.

The result is that this navigation

  1. doesn’t uses ionic’s nice navigation transition and

  2. the details page doesn’t show ionics’s backbutton

This makes it impossible to navigate back to any previous state.

Navigating from anywhere of the application to anywhere is no problem in pure Angular apps and a very powerful feature. This should be supported in ionic as well without any constrains, I think.

If someone is interested to investigate the problem, please let me know an I’ll upload the app that’s reproduce the problem.
Hope to here from you!