Ionic 4 // Navigate between child routes -> router-outlet destroyed

Usually it’ll be a simple requirement, but we cannot get it working within ionic 4 beta 17. We have massive problems with the navigation via routes. We cannot get it working, we always get “outlet-destroyed” logs in the console and the navigation freezes.

Describe the bug

Navigation is stuck after navigating between two components with child routes and ion-router-outlets.

Steps to reproduce

Create a navigation structure like that



-------- overview

-------- detail


-------- overview

-------- detail

When we navigate between 2 pages (for example from /places/overview to /tasks/overview), we get "router-outlet destroyed" and the navigation breaks.

If we go from one child to a page on root level ( / home) and continue navigating to another child page, it works.

If we go from a child page to another child page, the navigation breaks with the console log “router-outlet destroyed”. After that we can open a page on root (/home), go to the child page and navigation continues working.

Related code

Expected behavior

Navigation should still work after navigating from /subpage to /subpage.

At the moment it is an absolutely showstopper and i really cannot believe that this is a beta 17 bug, or is it? Within that bug, how does other person work with ionic 4?

We’d appreciate some help very much!

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