Ionic 4 native http timeout when 2+ devices are in the same wifi network

Hi! Im using ionic-native-http / cordova-plugin-advanced-http.

The app makes api rest calls (GET, POST, PATCH) to my server hosted on goDaddy (Economic, cPanel, No SSL).

Everything works perfectly when testing from 1 device(Mobile data or Wifi), responses within 200ms with payload and response size < 1Kb.

The problem comes when I try to use the app in 2+ devices in the same Wifi network, the error is:

"error": "Request timed out: failed to connect to (port 80) from /(localIP) (port 39900) after 10000ms"

When I test the app in N devices all with their own mobile data all works fine. The only problem is when 2+ devices are in the same network (wifi / mobile data).

  • Tested with the app open and working on runtime:
    • 2+ devices same wifi = Timeout
    • 2+ devices same mobile data = Timeout
    • DeviceA wifi, DeviceB mobile data = Perfect
    • DeviceA mobile data, DeviceB wifi = Perfect
    • 2+ devices with their own mobile data = Perfect

Please help, I’ve searched everywhere without success, I have no clue what could be happening or causing this issue.

Thank you!