Ionic 4 Input Inner border

Ionic Inputs
When using an input item (<ion-input>) on IOS, I am getting the following problem where a black inner border is appearing within the field once you tap on the area. This happens only on IOS, that I know of. It doesn’t happen in Web View on Chrome, Firefox or Safari.
The item code is as follows,

<ion-item class="no-padding-top">
    <ion-input type="text" placeholder=""></ion-input>

I did see a similar post regarding this border at “Hide ion-input validation border”, and I used the CSS suggest by @basha1991 (see here) . Sadly this did not work for me, and has only removed the focus bottom border that I was using.

Here is the output of the ionic info command,
You can see a GIF of what is happening below,


This was a known bug that has been fixed.

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I just updated to 4.2 and it is not fixed. Which version is the fix in?