Ionic 4 infinite scrolling (only on native ios device) jumps to top / forgets last location on page

Hey everyone!

I am facing a challenge in regards to infinite scrolling

What is happening in detail:
I created a minimum project where I implemented an infinite scroll with content fetched by a remote json endpoint. Everything works as expected with ionic serve. As soon as it is deployed on a device (tested only with ios so far) the scroll is not behaving robust anymore.
If you do a very “slow” scrolling to bottom it still works. Then try to imagine an instagram kid that is anxious to get the next items to load and so that kid is trying to scroll and scroll faster and kind of more impatiently. That is how I scroll through instagram myself.

When doing it like that the scroll will (in 90% of trying) “break” and will jump to the top of the page rather then stay at the last position at the bottom where the infinite scroll load will appear.

Here is my real world minimum repo

I have not witnessed such a behavior in any of my ionic 3 apps (tested on the same ios devices) with infinite scroll, so I am wondering if I implemented something wrong or if it is just not that robust at the moment.

If you need anything more let me know and thank you very much for spending your time reading this rather long post.

introduced virtual scroll on top of it and now all works like a charme

Do you have a code snippet of how you “introduced virtual scroll on top of it”? I am having the same problem and just created a GitHub issue ( and my own minimum repo:

Happy to help:
I found my solution by following simon grimms tutorial on how to combine virtual scroll with infinite scroll