IONIC 4 Don't have Maps

Why not is possible create app google maps on IONIC 4?

you can create maps with ionic, ionic have a native plugin but for me not working on ionic 4, but you can use google maps javascript api without any problem.

Do you want to do native Google maps or is JavaScript Google maps enough?

Please try this package for ionic 4 google map :-

I prefer Google maps, javascript not good enough.


Thanks! but, i need only add markers, direction not is important.
One question, in this case what apikey i need? how get this apikey for agm?

apikey means google api key which you get from

Thanks for the answer, if there is another way and this is only possible using JavaScript, can you show me an example in IONIC 4?

Tahnks! I have API Key.

yes, you can watch tutorials from internet, for example this , I don´t know if you see the pricing , but it´s so expensive , if you only want to load map and put markers I recommend leaflet is free and working great. on ionic 4 no of course… also y try mapbox on ionic 4 and not work well. On ionic 3 all os this works well

Thanks DonWayo, I will try leaflet.

What is expensive?

Google Maps is still free for Android apps, so far as I am aware?

On july of 2019 the google maps prices is going to change. On native apps 200$ at month for unlimited loads.

You can se here the PriceSheet

Where do you see 2019 pricing?

Current mobile usage is free and…

" You also get a recurring $200 credit on your billing account each month to offset your usage costs"

…which doesn’t mean it will always be free, but July 2018 pricing is better than it was for non-mobile apps.

I think that’s late but here you can find very basic example of AGM (Angular Google Maps) with ionic-4