Ionic v4 - does not have a google map native plugin

i have to implement the google maps on my project. but there no google maps plugin in ionic v4 beta documentation. how to implement the google maps

Don’t use Ionic 4 yet - it is in beta after all (as is the Ionic Native that has to be used for Ionic 4, correct?)

Ionic Native Maps has its own documentation at
You could/should open a Github issue there and/or at about the missing plugin.

If ionic v4 beta is mostly stable, I will create the maps plugin for it.

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update: I’m working on it.


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I created @ionic-native/google-maps@5.0.0-beta.14 for ionic v4.
You need to install it with corodva-plugin-googlemaps@2.3.10

$> ionic cordova plugin add corodva-plugin-googlemaps@2.3.9 --variable ....

$> npm install @ionic-native/google-maps@5.0.0-beta.14

Check this tutorial on Google Maps native plugin in Ionic 4 latest version