Ionic 4-Capacitor readFile issue

Capacitor Filesystem.readFile reads JSON file from Android file system but adds newline characters.

Previous to using Capacitor, Ionic V3 read JSON text file on Android file system with no issues using File.readAsText, after upgrading to Ionic V4, readFileAsText no longer resolves. Was recommended to use Capacitor FileSystem. Implemented and tried different FilesystemsEncoding params (ASCII, UTF8) but all have this issue of adding newline character and spaces. Any help is GREATLY appreciated.

sample file (JSON):
“id”: 1,
“name”: “random text”,
“artistId”: 1,
“artistName”: “random text”,
“adminId”: 1,

Sample service that reads file (Typescript):

this.file.externalRootDirectory + this.metadataDir + ‘/’).then(
async filePath => {
console.log('Got into filepath-> ’ + filePath);
try {
const fileData = await Filesystem.readFile({
encoding: FilesystemEncoding.ASCII,
path: filePath + ‘/’ + fileName});
const dataString = JSON.stringify(fileData);
console.log('Got data-> ’ + dataString);

expected: Got data-> { “id”: 1, “name”: “random text”, “artistId”: 1, “artistName”: “random text”, “adminId”: 1,

actual: Got data-> {“data”:"{\n “id”: 1,\n “name”: “random text”, \n “artistId”: 1,\n “artistName”: “random text”,\n “adminId”: 1

Do I need to write a parser to cleanse the file and remove all the special characters?