Ionic 4 Call Number Not Working



I am using Ionic 4 Beta. I am trying to use CallNumber plugin to call a number once clicked on the phone image. However, the call number plugin is not working. I used the correct documentation from the website but so far no luck
<img src = "/assets/icon/cellphone.svg" (click) = "callNow('18001010101')">

    this.callNumber.callNumber(number, true)
    .then(res => console.log('Launched dialer!', res))
    .catch(err => console.log('Error launching dialer', err));


Forget the callNumber plugin.

Install the inappbrowser plugin and just use a link to the telephone number…


<a href="tel:12345">Call</a>

Or programatically…`tel:12345`, '_system');

This will work for PWA’s as well.