Ionic 4 : Android so Slow

Hello. I want to ask, I’ve normal blank app that’s created by ionic 4, and I tried adding some loading controller, and build the APK, But the performance really worst on 3gb ram 8 core CPU, it’s different with the Ionic 3 where it’s very fast and not slow hog for no Reason. I also tried blank app, still perform worst. Any suggestion?

Did you try using this command for building apk:

ionic cordova build android --aot                        
ionic cordova build android --prod

Already use --prod. that;s the same as aot right?

On which application you are working on ?

What mean I’m working on? I’m using angular ionic 5.20, and It’s just simple client that accessing API. When I use loading controller, just to pop up, it’s very slow.

if you want to display loader on every api call then don’t use ionic loading controller. may be loader controller need some time to create object who knows.
so it would be better to create custom loader using simple html, css component and just hide show that component
it is very could article by josh to make custom loader

I got it, but still then the Ionic component seems not usable on ionic 4. Is that because I use Cordova instead of Capacitor when building my App? Any suggestion? Thanks