Ionic 3 with angularfire2

hi All,
i am developing app using ionic 3 and facing following issue while testing on stackblits site.please suggest me what to do.Is it issue of site or package.unable to reproduce this error

Error: Uncaught (in promise): TypeError: rxjs.of is not a function
TypeError: rxjs.of is not a function
at eval (

Got caught by the same problem. Latest angularfire2 requires rxjs6 which doesn’t work with ionic 3.

Angularfire2 rc.5 (or rc.6 as far as i remember) was the last one with rxjs5 support (which ionic 3 uses), but pining to an old version doesn’t seem like a good option (no bug fixes).

I tried rxjs-compat but couldn’t get it working either, so I tried to do the ‘jump’ and test ionic 4 + angular 6 (which already supports rxjs6 for angularfire2) but I got stuck again trying to run the simplest starter on a real device.

Let’s see if someone can help here