Ionic 3: Which version of cordova-plugin-ionic-webview should we use?

We are currently using cordova-plugin-ionic-webview version 1.2.1.

For iOS we are experiencing a hard to reproduce bug where all images are replaced by square box with a border, after restarting the app everything works fine.

If I look at the repo, the 1x version has not been updated for 6 months, should we upgrade to version 2x or is this version mainly targeting Ionic 4?

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@ryandegruyter - did you find any suggestions on this?

I use the 1.x version. It’s pretty compatible across the board.

Thanks @Judgewest2000. That’s what I’ve found too. Unfortunately I recently upgraded to xcode 10 and have since been unable to get a decent build with this plugin (1.x or 2.x). All HTTP requests are sent with a origin: null header (where it used to be localhost:8080).

Weird. I’ve not found that to be the case.
Have you got an example repo?

Hey, I’m not sure if this well help, but I have been getting emails about this

Hi @jjdev - Thanks, I got that too. Sounds like that will force us to avoid the 1.x branch now :frowning:

@Judgewest2000 - thanks for asking! I threw together a quick repo and it worked fine. That got me tracking other plugins. Looks like this is related to the most recent cordova-plugin-code-push release. I created an issue there: