Ionic 3 video player

Hello everyone,
I have make many research to find a simple video player, but I did not really find what I was looking for.

The application “Magisto” have the perfect player for me.

On hover the video, it play, and when it’s not hover the video, it pause.

And on click fullscreen video:

If someone know player framework like that, i’m very interesting.

Thank you in advance !

Try Videogular 2. It works really well on Ionic 3.

You can style and program videogular in any way you want. and it’s free.

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OK thanks you! I will see it

Hi, I built this Video Playlist for Ionic 3 and you can get it in Ion2FullApp ELITE.
Like @jamesharvey suggests we also use videogular2 and works excellent.
The library is super flexible.

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