Ionic 3 Sqlite problem

Hi, I am working on Ionic 3 and saving this Api’s data onto my local SQL, (SQlite) but i want to save the api’s data with identical structure. Please help.



Try this in the SQL lite ionic native transactions methods (I don’t know the name of the methods. They are called transactions or query.)

SQL transactions:

create table surahs ( number smallint, name varchar(100), englishname varchar(100), englishnametranslation varchar(100), revelationtype varchar(100) );

create table ayahs ( FOREIGN KEY(surahs_number) references surahs (number), audio varchar(100), text varchar(100), numberissurah smallint, juz varchar(100), manzil smallint, page smallint, ruku smallint, hizbquarter smallint, sajda boolean);

insert into surah values ( ${surahs[i].number}, ${ surahs[i].name}, ${ surahs[i].englishname }, ${ surahs[i].englishnametranslation }, ${ surahs[i].revelationtype });

insert into ayahs ${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].surahs_number},${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].audio },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].text },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].numberissurah },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].juz },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].manzil },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].page },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].ruku },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].hizbquarter },${ surahs[i].ayahs[i].sajda });

*where the number in ayahs should be the same as in surahs

*surahs_number in table ayahs should be the same as number in surahs table, if not it will fail.

*check the datatypes since I don’t use SQL lite much and it may differ, I used the one I see a lot in DB and are considered universal.

*the variable i is a number. It can be anything you want. I wrote it as if it was going through a for loop.

*if you want to save it as an object/JSON (exactly as you show in your pic) you could check out LokiJS, a NOSQL database. I use in my project and it does wonders.