How to run multiple (transactional) queries with new SQL Storage

I see that ionic 2 handle sql/local storage problem with its own API. It is so good.

I want to ask that SqlStorage API how to handle transactional aueries?

let storage = new Storage(SqlStorage);

storage.query(“CREATE TABLE hede…”)
storage.query(‘insert into hede…’);
storage.query(‘insert into hede…’);
storage.query(‘insert into hede…’);

is this runs transactional? Or how to achieve this?

What about insert multiple values by one query?

Actually I realise that this API only support INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE fro the documentation. I guess all the way this API not enough for PRODUCTION:

  • Create table,
  • Drop table
  • and of course transaction ability required.

Instead of this i have to use i guess.

How? Could you please give an example ?

INSERT INTO mytable (col1, col2, col3) VALUES
    (1, 2, "abc"),
    (2, 4, "xyz"),
    (3, 5, "aaa"),
    (4, 7, "bbb");