Ionic 3 slow starting app on some device android

I’m tried create new blank project ionic and after that I straight add android device with syntax ‘ionic cordova platform add android’, and in my file ‘main.ts’ I add some code 'enableProdMode().

Then I run to my device with syntax ‘cordova run android’ and ‘cordova run android --prod’. But the problem is in my first device (xiaomi mi 5) time of starting app is 5 second (I think that normal), but in my second device (samsung galaxy pro) time of starting app is about 20second (I think that not normal, it’s too long for open apps). So how to boost time starting app in some device which is too long open app?

note : there no other code, I just create project and run

I’m use lazy loading for all pages, and it’s perfectly work, reduce from 100second to 20second