Ionic 3 - Request to Server NOT WORKING after BUILD

Upon building there are no errors, even after running the application. Just the requests to server are not done, or the app cannot request to server at all. I don’t even know what to fix because it has no error. Anyone know what is the problem?

Hello, inspect your device using google chrome device inspect and check there any error showing.

that’s my problem because it shows no error. the build was fine, it is not requesting to the server but the app-debug.apk is working fine.

Ok then use debugger, after run app in device and check what are you sending in request and check when in network too.

I already inspected it in the remote devices of chrome when running the app and it has no error. This is already a signed app and I think the problem is the app is not requesting to the server, but works fine in app-debug.apk

okey then goooooood luck