How to Use inappbrowser in ionic?


I have struck in using inappbrowser how to redirect to next page after getting reply [ success message] how to redirect to next page
needed help in integration of payu payment gateway

thanks in advance


are u making a mobile app?


yeah developing mobile app using Ionic 2 framework


have you integrated any payment gateway process in ionic 2 framework ?

please help me


HI ,
u can use paypal integration .



how to use payu OR iNSTAMOJO ?




Actually when u open a things in in-appbrowser it will not closed automatically like u mention above after success message u have to redirect to next page because u not getting any event there is some user interaction is required like in android hardware back button is there and in ios done button is there u have to close the browser than after u will redirect to next page.



Then how can we implement payment gateway process ?
which plugin is better kindly suggest a good way please


Hi ,
have u tried this?


Yeah Sir,

now i can able to connect to payu payment page once success or failure of the payment i am facing how to redirect ?
but im using ()