Ionic 3 navBar padding issue?


I find a weird behaviour in all my navbar since few days. I don’t know why it appears. I have dig in all my code but I can’t understand what’s going on here.
At least I am sure that ion-navbar component is the problem, blue color is my navbar (primary) and the white color is the header.

Is there anyone that has encountered same issue ?

Thanks for your help.

Html :

	<ion-navbar color="primary" [hideBackButton]="true">

The white padding is on top and bottom of navbar (here we can only see bottom because background here is also white)

Can you be clearer, what is the matter with you? The bar does not show you the text or icons? or what is happening?
what is happening to you from what I said earlier because what you said above is lost because I did not understand the photo or your publication

Hi @crmontiel,

Thanks for your feedback.

I got no problem with text or icon (as my app don’t have any text/icon on navbar).

The issue is what seems to be a padding applied to navbar component. We can see a padding top and a padding bottom in the previous picture.

Here is a new picture, maybe it is more understandable :

Is it clear for you ?