IONIC 3 IOS : bugs in your app when reviewed on iPad running iOS 13.5.1


my application is rejected by apple team : i have a problem on ipad 13.5.1.
the probelme is that I can’t specify IOS 13.5.1 on the simulator target : only version 13.5 is allowed.

I note that I fixed the problems on version 13.5 caused by wkwebview.

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I’m with same issue, but with 13.5. How do you do fixed the problem ?

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i didnt fix it yet, may someone help us !!

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same issue here.

working on emulator but not in the review process.

I am not sure about the bug itself, but to download new simulators, go to
Xcode -> Window -> Devices & Simulators,
then pick the Simulators tab,
then pick the + sign in the bottom right, you can then download different run times, devices and operating systems…

Same issue.
Getting tired of Ionic.
We compiling, always crossing fingers.

Will try to jump into another framework.

Did you solve it bro,
Am facing same issue now