Apple review found problems on iPad running iOS 12.3.1 (ionic 3)

Apple says they found a problem with a button not doing anything on an iPad running iOS 12.3.1 . As I can’t get my hands on any iPad running iOs 12.3.1, I wanted to know if there is any way to get a simulator with iOS 12.3.1 .
There are many people having problems with this particular iOS version when uploading an App.

I am also facing the same issue, I thought it only happen with me, and I was so worried because I recently bought my iPad from ReeCoupons, and I thought there is any problem occur in mat Ipad, but after reading your post I feel much relax that its an official issue.

I am facing a similar issue. I have an application that is running fine in my real iPhone with iOS 12.3.1. It also runs fine with iOS 12.1 and 13 on the iPhone and iPad simulators. I have submitted the app to App Store and they are saying that the app opens to a white display on iPad running iOS 12.3.1 on Wi-Fi. Fine, so I just got a real iPad running iOS 12.3.1 and using Xcode 10.2 it does not run, however, using the beta version of the Xcode 11, the app runs fine on the iPad with iOS 12.3.1. I believe that it has something to do with the cordova-firebase plugin. Does anyone have any idea why there is such a problem with a real iPad device?