Ionic 3 iOS 9 Blackscreen

Im currently developing an Ionic 3 Application and it works in the Browser/Emulator and 2 different iPhones (5, 5s) with iOS 10 on them but if i put it on iOS 9 (iPhone SE) i get a Blackscreen i didn’t tested Android.

The strange part is the buttons work and i can acces the camera, i just don’t see anything from the app itself. Also i have experienced a very slow performance on the other 2 iPhones is there any fix for the performance aswell ?
Im on the latest version from Ionic and Cordova etc.

Can someone help me with my problem ?
Thanks, regards!

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Did you remote debug the problem on the device already? Follow these instructions here to debug the problem in Safari dev tools: Look at the console and network tabs for errors.

How can you use buttons and “access the camera” if there is only a black screen? Does this mean the interface is there, but only invisible behind a black “wall”?

Post your ionic info please.

Yes the interface is there just not visable. Ill post my ionic info later when im on my Mac again.
The only thing what the console showed me was iOS 9 content is missing something like that ill post more info later.

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I attached logs with screenshots since i cant output them in text. Did i forgot to install something ?
Thanks for your help! :smile_cat:

Look at my first response again, there is a description on how to get the console logs.

You should also upgrade @ionic/app-scripts to 1.3.12.

Im on the latest ionic version and i think it already has the latest scripts installed or is it a npm command ?

What should i do with the console logs ? Its already activated.

The moment you created your project it was, not it is 1.3.12: Run npm install @ionic/app-scripts@1.3.12 to upgrade.[quote=“cherry, post:6, topic:97534”]
What should i do with the console logs ? Its already activated.

Look at the console logs in Safari. Anything interesting?

I upgraded to 1.3.12. Still the same error.

Here are the console logs from the Safari Browser. Could it be that the Splashscreen is bugged for iOS 9 ? Or is it just a type error in the typescript wich changed from ionic 2 since it used to work with ionic 2 on iOS 9.

Unprobably, or there would be more reports.

But the TypeError is the culprit I would say (although the Native warnings shouldn’t be there I think - compare to a “healthy” console output on iOS 10). Now you only have to find out what is causing it…

I got the same output on iOS 10 with the native errors. So i don’t really know what the problem is.
Is ionic 3 the problem ? Or should i maybe try to remove some of the native stuff.

I use:
base64 to gallery
camera preview (wich is in BETA maybe that is causing it ?)

Ok, then this is just unrelevant.

As I said the problem is the TypeError you are getting.

Alright but its strange that the application still works WITH the TypeError included only not on iOS 9 the TypeError shouldn’t even be there since it uses Firebase commands to create an anonymous profile (wich do work perfectly). As i said it works in the browser/emulator/iOS 10 just not on iOS 9.

I don’t know if there is any hotfix for that because it can’t be that it doesn’t like iOS 9. As i mentoined before i created a whole new Ionic 3 Project 1 month ago. So it should have the latest scripts and modules included. Is there any other way that i can debug it on my iPhone ?


Ahh, I thought only the Native warning were there on iOS9 as well.

Next step i would suggest you start a new project with ionic start blank blank and see if this works on your devices and emulators. If it does, you know the problem is with your project.

I gues thats the only way to find out. Thanks ill post the results when im on my mac again.

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Luckily it’s also one of the fastest to rule out deeper problems :slight_smile:

So i created a new Project with Ionic. I got the same errors. I reinstalled Ionic and the same errors still ocurred. Here is my Log.

I think its an Ionic related problem.image

These are not errors but warnings of deprecations (telling the dev that in some future version this thing might not be available any more). These are part of Cordova and totally normal.

So what could be the cause of the problem that my app doesn’t even start on iOS 9 ? :disappointed_relieved:

EDIT: The new Project didn’t even worked on iOS 10. Should I reinstall everything again ? But in a different order ? I hope you can help me out! :slight_smile:

Post your current ionic info of the new project you created please.
How exactly do you build the ios app?

This is how i builded the fresh app and iOS. (did i forgot to add cordova build ios?)

npm install -g ionic cordova
ionic start TestAppV3
npm install
sudo cordova platform add ios