Ionic 3 Geolocation not working as expected on Android Device

Hi all,

I have a problem using Geolocation on Android device.

I create an Ionic 3 application.
I use Geolocation ( []).
I use the sample code provided there.
The problem is that the code works in Browser but whene i upload it on an Android device does not work.

When i start the app on device the alert for location permition is promted.
I press Allow.
Then in the android tray an icon appears that says “Searching for GPS”.
After timeout expires i got the error for timeout and no location.

The strange think is this:
If i close my app, then open google maps ( or other app using gps position ) and reopen my app works as it should.

I don’t know what to do.

The permissions are fine :

and everything was installed properly.

Can anyone help please?