Ionic 3 expand header on click

I am using Ionic 3, and have implemented an Expandable Header based on this tutorial from Joshmorony.

It works perfectly while expanding on scroll :

My problem is I want to expand the header on click instead of on scroll. When I click on the menu button, the header is expanded.

This is my code:


  @Input('scrollArea') scrollArea: any;
  @Input('headerHeight') headerHeight: number;

  newHeaderHeight: any;


  ngAfterViewInit() {
    this.renderer.setElementStyle(this.element.nativeElement, 'height', this.headerHeight + 'px');
    this.scrollArea.ionScroll.subscribe((ev) => {

  resizeHeader(ev) {
    ev.domWrite(() => {
      this.newHeaderHeight = this.headerHeight - ev.scrollTop;
      if (this.newHeaderHeight < 0) {
        this.newHeaderHeight = 0;
      this.renderer.setElementStyle(this.element.nativeElement, 'height', this.newHeaderHeight + 'px');

And I call the component like this:


  <shrinking-segment-header [scrollArea]="myContent" headerHeight="190">
      {my content here}

If someone know how to trick the expandable header on click, please help me. Any advise appreciated. Thank you.