Hide Header on Scroll?

hello everyone,

I am trying to follow this forum post : Shrinkable header

I am in need to hide header to create extra room but only for one single page.

I created a new directive called hide-header which I have added to ion-content element. and now I am able to detect the scroll but unable to add styling to header and scroll-content.

this is my post : https://stackoverflow.com/questions/47004340/error-typeerror-cannot-read-property-style-of-undefined-ionic-3-angular-4/47012497?noredirect=1#comment80971765_47012497


Did you checked the Josh Morony tutorial? Here is the link https://www.joshmorony.com/creating-a-shrinking-header-for-segments-in-ionic/

I used it before and it worked like a charm for me :wink:

No, will check out . thanks