Ionic 3 - DeepLinks

I am trying to use Ionic 3.0.0-beta.3 and having problems with DeepLinksConfig.

With Ionic 2 I was using DeepLinkConfig and passing it to IonicModule.forRoot. This stopped working in Ionic 3 and searching through the forum it sounds like the config information now needs to be specified in the @IonicPage decorator for each page class.

I added the deep links config information to the page decorator and now I am getting the following error:

Error: .../action.ts has a @IonicPage decorator, but it does
            not have a corresponding "NgModule"

Does this mean that you can only use deep links for pages that are in another module? Some of these pages are core parts of the app so I don’t want to split them out into separate files.

I tried looking for docs on the IonicPage decorator but the links to the doc no longer work.

I found the link finally. I also have the same question as you. :confused: