Ionic 3 build windows app, can't connect with Zscaler vpn

Hii, so I’m working on this project for a while now and stuck with this issue
My project is about store management app that I have to run on both android and windows devices as our client asked.
I consume api from Rest Service through zscaler vpn to get the informations in need such as operator informations to log in… The project is developed with ionic 3 framework. It works fine on any android device as it can recognize Zscaller app, but not on windows desktop app as I run "ionic cordova run windows – --arch=“x64” ". the app launch as expected but after loading it shows this error “Http failure response for (unknown url): 0 Unknown Error”
I’m debuging with VS 2017 and the console shows that it can’t use any of the native plugins I’m using in the app too… :disappointed_relieved:
can anybody help me please?