Ionic 2multiple devices communication for mobile apis

Hi everybody,

I am looking for a way to make real time communications between multiple mobile devices on IONIC 2.

I would like to know how to do, if for example I want to make a Facebook chat like ?

The aim is to save datas from a mobile and directly see this data on an other, in the sametime I don’t want to use simple queries like get or set with local storage, I prefer having more complexe architecture like on sql with n,n relations.

Do I have to post a json object from a first phone to a server that will treat the information and send it to an other mobile for example ?

As I don’t know how to do I would like to know witch technologies are the most efficient to do that and how to do.

Of course if you can give me some good tutorials about it, it would nice :slight_smile:

I seen for example this tutorial :

But I am not sure about the efficiency of a PHP server for this kind of things.

Thanks for your future answers.