Ionic 2 top nav with tabs and menu

Can anyone provide an example of Ionic 2 navigation setup where there are tabs and menu used together
all at top. I’ve found ionic navigation bar and tabs surprising rigid given the talk of flexible navigate. I get the simple pop, push nav stack, however the actual UI widgets seems overly difficult to customize.

I want a top nav bar with 4 tabs and a slightly smaller 5th column in header with vertical 3 dot menu. I dont want to use the nav header or back button features of ionic for the main “root” pages from the tabs, though when drilling into detailed pages those would have a different page layout/template that does have back button and title while not having the tabs.

I would expect the UI widgets to be independent and able to piece together easily as described above, yet I’m finding I can’t get it to behave as desired. Anyone else seeing this?


Coming from the web, I struggle with this too… I am also trying to build a vertical 3 dot menu in the top bar. But it seems that I will have to repeat it in every page and have the same functions in all page components that use it.