Ionic 2 Swipe to go back does not work?


I’m trying to create an app with ionic 2 and realize that the swipe to go back feature does not working after i changed the page using


The Back button is displayed in the header but when I swipe from the left side, the side menu opens.

I expect that when I swipe from left to right, the app will go back to the previous page. If there’s no previous page (the menu button is displayed in the header) then the side menu will show up.
How can i achieve this?

Thank you.

If you use the side menu ionic disabled swipe to go back, as swiping is expected to open the menu in this case

Thank you for replying.
Sad to hear that.

Is there any workaround solution for this?

Actually, sorry, I misremembered that. I knew somewhere in the code I saw they disabled it, but it was in the starter project code, not the actual Ionic code. So, actually, it should work just fine to have both.

Just make sure that if you did use the sidemenu starter project that you remove disabling of it from your nav.