Ionic 2 Social Login and register using Firebase


I am just looking for an Ionic 2 social login and user registration using Firebase, i just found Ionic 1 tutorials.

In fact looking for series of Ionic 2 tutorials.


i was able to get social login (at least twitter) functioning, but i cannot get the data to display in the templates as i found in this example:

quick summary:

  1. added ‘’ to www/index.html

  2. added ‘firebase.d.ts’ and ‘firebasepipe.ts’ from github to new /app/firebase folder.

  3. added all code related to ‘authWithTwitter()’ from the app.ts in github

Using the *ng-for (changed to *ngFor) in the template with ‘firebaseUrl’ does not work however. I will probably just wait until Firebase puts Ionic2 info on their page before I revisit this, but thought this may be a useful starting point if you need to do something now.

If you only need a Firebase OAuth Social Login tutorial for Ionic 2 you can find it here:

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Thank you Gajotres!

I’m following your tutorial but I have a compiler error with new Firebase()
You are not importing or installing the class/module, how can you access it?
(sorry I’m just new in JS, and maybe it’s a basic)

P.D.:I also have some errors with cordova but I doubt it’s related.

Have a look at this post:

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I don’t want firebase and no external api like OAuth . So what i can do for it ?

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