Ionic 2 Side Menu and Icons of Menu List

Is possible to insert a icon near the title of any elements of the menu?

    this.pages = [
  { title: 'Events', component: IndexPage },
  { title: 'Past Events', component: PasteventsPage },
  { title: 'Photo Flyers', component: FlyersPage },
  { title: 'Towns', component: TownsPage },
  { title: 'Social',  component: SocialPage },
  { title: 'About Us', component: AboutusPage },
  { title: 'Contacts', component: ContactsPage },
  { title: 'Prova', component: Page2 },
  { title: 'Calendar', component: CalendarPage }

I have this array is possible to insert any icon near Events or near Past Events?

Thank You!

Sure, it would just be setting another key/value in the data you have, then adding the icon to your template.

Do you have an example for me?

Look in the ionic-conference-app.

Thank you at all for your support!

now works