Ionic 2 scroll latence & lags on IOS

I’m building an ionic 2 app and i found that ionic2 scroll performance is too bad on IOS plateform (tested on my iphone 5C). There is too much latence (about 1 second) and too many lags. On Android 5 the scroll is perfect.


I display list like that:

<div class="feed-item" *ngFor="let post of feed.posts">
    <ion-card> ...  </ion-card>

How can i improve scroll performance on IOS?

What i have done:

  • Installed WKWebview (result is not much better).
  • Used VirtualScroll (this one is bringing an acceptable result but I can’t use it with the infiniteScroll because there is an displaying issue).

Can any one help to suggest any workaround to fix this issue?