Ionic 2 rc4 custom font


Hi everyone! Currently I’m working with Ionic 2 rc4, I’ve searched everywhere (went up to 11th page of google results :slight_smile: ), but still cannot figure out how to add custom font (Rubik Black) to my app. On web preview it works fine, but on android device system fonts are displayed. What I’ve tried so far (alongside with @font-face):

  1. added font files into assets folders (all assets folder I’ve found in my project directory);
  2. took roboto font implementation as an example (created ‘rubik-black.scss’ file as well);
  3. searched through all roboto files and added rubik black files into the same folders;
  4. even take roboto.scss file and changed file names in ‘src’ to ‘rubik black’ (but during compilation scss files changed to default state)

Does anyone have experience of successful inclusion of custom fonts on android devices with Ionic 2 rc4?


You might try what is suggested here: $font-family-base not overriding default value


Thank you for reply! Spending some time digging deep into the problem, I’ve figured out that my android devices use 4.2.x version of android os. Installing cordova crosswalk plugin did the trick