Can't see my custom fonts

i faced an issue while developing my ionic app ,
when add a custom fonts ghala-bold.eot and ghala-bold.woff file i can see the affect of the font on web browser , but when install the app (android 4.2 ) on my phone it goes away :frowning:

here is it before installing crosswalk plugin;

later when add crosswalk plugin to my project , all my files including the fonts file are uploaded and working fine even in my phone (android 4.2 ) , how to resolve this issue ?

here it is when i add crosswalk plugin :

my question , do i have to use crosswalk to overcome my issue ?
is there solution ?

Thankx for the awesome framework …

Are your fonts remote loaded or packaged within your apk?

They are within the app files,
I put them in ionic folder

OK and you don’t see any error in console while remote debugging your app running on device?

Actually when add the crosswalk plugin to my project fonts will be packaged with my apk file, but as soon as I remove the plugin without changing anything else fonts will not be packaged :frowning:

same issue with me, i think i read in some places that this issue related to old android version 4.1 or less, if u test ur app on new android without crosswalk you will see the font work normally, i hope there is a workaround for this rather than install 35Mb crosswalk, i knwo crosswalk make things much better but the size issue getting me crazy :wink:

Thankx @firaskudsy
This will end my research :smile: