Ionic 2 NavController with resolver routing


I have an app with navController @viewChild implemented and I want to use resolvers in routes for prefetch data before render the view, but not works (not enter to my resolver) if I use this method of navigation. If I use router: Router from @angular/router it works OK and entered to resolver.

My question is what is the correct way in IONIC 2 with navController for use resolvers in angular 2 routes, or I have to change all my navigator ecosystem.

Thanks in advance!


Ionic routing is incompatible with Angular routing. Desktop routing behaves differently from device app routing, and Ionic’s router provides generic device app routing. Ionic caches a lot of pages though, so once your pages are built, they might not have to get built again, reducing the importance of prefetch.

My own strategy is to lean heavily on the async pipe, so the page renders immediately, and gets filled in as the data is asynchronously available.