Ionic 2 Native cordova-plugin-facebook4

Simply put I just cannot get this thing to work. Does anyone have a “working” example.

Whats not working? What have you tried?

Thanks for the response. I was finally able to get things working and will explain my mistakes and learnings here for others.

  1. My setup @Facebook had a typo in the bundleID for IOS. When I fired Facebook.login the response from Facebook was poor. It told me I was not logged in. Telling me invalid bundleID or even invalid “setup” would have been better. But that is Facebook so not much can be done I suspect.

  2. When calling Facebook.api the plugin itself can fail internally and does not propagate the error to the caller. Neither success or fail callbacks get fired.

Facebook.api(userData.authResponse.userID+"/?fields=id,email,first_name,last_name", ["email_address"])

Remove email address and all is fine. Again the plugin should have trapped any error and returned it to me. But it never calls either callback in this case.

Facebook.api(userData.authResponse.userID+"/?fields=id,email,first_name,last_name", [])

The following call is also invalid but the plugin does fire the fail callback. So the plugin does in fact have awareness for some error management, just not everything.

// There are illegal spaces in the URI
Facebook.api(userData.authResponse.userID+"/?fields=id,email,  first_name,  last_name", [])

The plugin works well when all is well but error handling is important.


Could you make POSTs to the graph Api using this plugin?
Is there any good alternative for Ionic 2 + Typescript?


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