Ionic 2 - Modals example giving me lots of errors

Hi there!

Anybody tried the modals with Ionic 2 framework? I am getting lots of errors when extending to Modal like the example.

class MyModal extends Modal

I fully understand it is still in alpha. Just wanted to know if it is normal or not and if not, what am I doing wrong.


Solve a bit my problem, by putting Modal inside my import! (damn)

But now, I have this error and don’t know what does it mean

<ion-overlay></ion-overlay> required in root component template to use: modal

What was your problem? Did you get something like this: “Modal.create is not a function”?

It is fixed from a long time. Now with alpha47, it seems the ion-overlay is no more needed and the modal works a bit differently. A bit of work to do from my side :slight_smile: